I am trying to click the place order button. Button code :

<button type="button" data-ng-disabled="activeStep.position !== 6" class="primary-button place-order-btn" data-ng-click="VerifyOrderInformation()">
            Place Order

I have tried two methods and both cannot locate the element.


driver.find_element_by_class_name("primary-button place-order-btn").click()

I have a 5 second sleep preceding this string to allow for the page to load and I don't see any frames/iframes

Thanks in advance to any assistance.

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Did you try:


you can use any attribute as:


you can have multiple condition as:

//tagname[@attribute="attribute-value" and @attribute2="attribute2-value"]


//button[@data-ng-click="VerifyOrderInformation()" and @class="primary-button place-order-btn"]

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