I'm struggling to understand the steps for measuring the time for a use case built on AI platform to clear the alarms automatically executing a series of commands. Issue is that only task that needs to be done by user is to send an alarm using a async rest api which just gives 200 status & then application starts executing the commands & store time taken for each command in db. I need to measure the complete alarm cycle time.

Steps needed - 1.) Send multiple alarms with a defined spawn-rate & total execution time. 2.) Now run queries to db to get the time taken for each alarm after alarm cycles are completed (need to wait for a while)

Is there any way in existing tools like jmeter or locust which can support measuring time separately as required here? I understand these tools can only support request-response systems. Any help is really appreciated.

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With JMeter you can organize your test plan as follows:

  1. HTTP Request to send an API call
  2. While Controller to wait until the data is available in the database
  3. JDBC Request sampler to periodically check the database for updates
  4. Optionally a Transaction Controller to measure the whole workflow duration

Example test plan outline:

enter image description here

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