I'm trying generate reports for the selenium test script. but unable import "ExtentHtmlReporter" packages to the class.

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added dependencies as below


and extent-config.xml file as below

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- report theme --> <!-- standard, dark --> 

<!-- document encoding --> <!-- defaults to UTF-8 --> 
<!-- protocol for script and stylesheets --> <!-- defaults to https --> 

<!-- title of the document --> 
<documentTitle>ExtentReports 2.0</documentTitle>

<!-- report name - displayed at top-nav --> 

<!-- report headline - displayed at top-nav, after reportHead- line -->
<reportHeadline>Automation Report</reportHeadline>

<!-- global date format override --> <!-- defaults to yyyy-MM-dd--> 

<!-- global time format override -->
<!-- defaults to HH:mm:ss -->

<!-- custom javascript -->
    <![CDATA[ $(document).ready(function() {});]]> 

<!-- custom styles --> 


ExtentHtmlReporter, ExtentLoggerReporter The ExtentHtmlReporter and ExtentLoggerReporter were deprecated in series 4.1.x and have been removed in version 5. The replacement is ExtentSparkReporter, which is comprehensive, ports all features along with a host of new ones.

ExtentSparkReporter spark = new ExtentSparkReporter("Spark.html");

Found the solution. Need to downgrade the extent report version. downgraded to 4.0.9 and it works for me

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