I have a set of web pages where I need to verify that a certain script is present. A have a lot of pages to verify so I would like to automate this part of testing. How can a create a sequence with selenium (or any other solution) where I have something of an array of webpages which is used for repetition of the same check through all these webpages? In other words, how can I cover a set of pages with one test? Because the check is the same for all of the pages.


Most programming languages support list of items and loops, some pseudo code:

  • Create a list of websites/urls to visit (e.g. array)
  • Start WebDriver
  • Foreach url in list (e.g. a loop to go over each item in the list)
    • Visit the page (e.g. driver.get(url))
    • Get the page source (e.g. driver.page_source)
    • Check the page source contains something unique to the script you are looking for (e.g. page_source.find("something unique"))
    • If script not found log url
  • It seems that selenium does not have the find() method for the String which getPageSource() method returns. Or am I missing something? – Seeker001 Feb 15 at 14:53
  • I suppose I can use contains(). – Seeker001 Feb 15 at 14:53
  • As you didn't provide the programming language you used I took Python examples, but other languages provider similar functions. Selenium does also not have a contains, the String getPageSource() probably has. – Niels van Reijmersdal Feb 15 at 15:24

If it's an externally downloaded script you can intercept the traffic and look for the file, it's easy with Puppeteer and less straightforward with other frameworks. See example here

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