I have a thread group with 30 Http request. I would like to run the whole thread group once with just 1 user, than wait 30 minutes, run it again, wait 30 minutes and so on for few days.
How should I configure my Thread group properties?

Thanks for you help.


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  • For Thread Group nothing really special, something like:

    enter image description here

    Just define sufficient number of loops, either let it to run "forever" or choose the appropriate amount of iterations so it will be enough to cover your "few days"

  • For the "delay" - there are 2 options:

    1. Add Constant Timer as a child of the first request and configure it to introduce "sleep" for 30 minutes:

      enter image description here

      in this case the delay will be introduced before first request, see A Comprehensive Guide to Using JMeter Timers article for more information

    2. Add Flow Control Action sampler after the last request

      enter image description here

      in this case the delay will be added after the last HTTP Request sampler

  • Thanks Dmitri for your help, Flow Control Action did a good job ;) Feb 18, 2021 at 13:36

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