I'm trying to test/debug an Angular app that generates a calendar (note: I cannot currently modify the application.)

I believe the Angular calendar used is:

I'm trying to 'click' the day that has availability in the IDE but it fails to trigger any events.

In Firefox dev tools, here's the events listed:

calendar-day-events listing in firefox debug tools

In Selenium IDE (FireFox plugin), here is the recorded item:

  • css=.appointmentAvailable-cell:nth-child(6) > .cal-cell-top

  • xpath=//div[@id='wrapper']/mat-sidenav-container/mat-sidenav-content/div/div/appointments/mat-sidenav-container/mat-sidenav-content/div/div/div/div/div/div/appointmentavailabilitycalendar/div/div/div[2]/mwl-calendar-month-view/div/div/div[3]/div/mwl-calendar-month-cell[6]/div

... Selenium shows green when the click command is run; but it fails to do anything meaningful, aka fire any events (i.e. eventClicked, mwlClick, pointerdown, ...) when the command is "run" in the Selenium IDE.?.

Also, I've tried the following as well:

  • xpath=//mwl-calendar-month-cell[contains(@class,'appointmentAvailable-cell')][3]

... but it does not work either, despite the fact that when I run the following in console:


... it shows ...

0: <mwl-calendar-month-cell class="cal-cell cal-day-cell ca…pointmentAvailable-cell" dragoverclass="cal-drag-over" mwldroppable="" ng-reflect-drag-over-class="cal-drag-over" style="touch-action: none; user-select: none;" ng-reflect-day="[object Object]" ng-reflect-locale="en-US" ng-reflect-tooltip-placement="auto" ng-reflect-tooltip-append-to-body="true" ng-reflect-ng-class="appointmentAvailable-cell">

length: 1
<prototype>: []

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