Working on webpage test automation with Cypress atm. Ran into a problem.

  • I need to simulate a pressing of the ESCAPE key from a user.

Cypress has its own type() method, but it is required to chain off a DOM element, e.g. it has to be implemented this way:


I want to simulate a simple key press of ESCAPE without involving any DOM element. Does anyone know how to do it?

I have tried


which does not work.


I tried

cy.get('body').trigger('keydown', { keyCode: 27, which: 27 });//27 is the keycode for the escape key

Did not work either. I guess there is a mis-alignment between my expectation and Cypress specification.

  • What I want to do is a simple key press from keyboard while Cypress has its type() to type into an element, they could be two different things.

Found an answer:

  cy.get('body').trigger('keydown', { keyCode: 27});
  cy.get('body').trigger('keyup', { keyCode: 27});

The amount of time cy.wait() waits is arbitrary. It depends on the application under test; but 200 mS seems to be working for me too.


The recommended command is:


I'm using this to disclose pop-ups and where it makes sense to use ESCape as a User.

Cypress version: 8.3.0

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