Is there a way that I can extract the following data in Chrome Devtools Console.

Currently I do the following in the console of the chrome devtool:


I get a list with all the a tags and I need from all the a.username the InnerHTML or the innerText

86: a
87: a.username
88: a
89: a
90: a.username
91: a
92: a
93: a.username
94: a
95: a
96: a.username
97: a
98: a
99: a.username
[100 … 198]
100: a
101: a
102: a.username
103: a
104: a
105: a.username
106: a
107: a
108: a.username
109: a
110: a
111: a.username

It's unclear for me how to proceed further into getting this. Lots of terminology makes it unclear what the InnerHTML is from the a tag and how to extract this for all the same a.username

hrefTranslate: ""
hreflang: ""
id: ""
innerHTML: "**Ineedthis**"
innerText: "**Orthis**"
inputMode: ""
isConnected: true
isContentEditable: false
lang: ""

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The simplest solution would probably be something along the lines of

function extractInner(selector){
     let elements = document.querySelectorAll(selector);
     let toReturn = [];
     return toReturn;

this returns you a list of string containing the innerHTML of all your links with class username.


What you get in the console (a.username) is the CSS selector, if you are using xpath you will need a[@class='username'].

Try something like this


The $x("//a[@class='username']") will return a list of zero-indexed elements. So [0] will select the first element of that list and so on.

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