I've worked with REGEX for super simple stuff.

Now I came up with a situation that my knowledge isn't sufficient.

I need to get this info out of a lot of lines.

Everything after the first quotes and before the @ sign is what I need to have to copy to a new file.

0: "mailname@…"
6: "mailname2@yahoo.com"


I first did the following


But this takes everything in between the quotes. But it should exclude everything out of the quotes and just give me the mail address or the name before the @ sign.

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I don't know what tool you're using, so I use what's most promptly available to me.

$ cat input
0: "mailname@…"
6: "mailname2@yahoo.com"

and getting your desired output with sed:

$ sed -n "s/.*[\"]\(\S*\)[@].*/\1/p" input > output
$ cat output

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