1. We have 'Transaction ID' as a Synchronous response from ReadyAPI

Please find the manual steps that we are doing for the validation.

  1. Login to AWS Shared account with the role created

  2. Navigate to “Simple Queue Services” by searching at top

  3. Select the required queue name and click on it

  4. Click “Send and Receive Messages” at the top right corner

  5. Click on “Edit Poll Settings

  6. In the Pop, Provide Maximum message count value as 999 and Click Save

  7. Click on “Poll for Messages” in the Receive messages section

  8. Search your Async messages with 'Transaction ID' which we received as part of Synchronous response[in Step 1]

  9. Once the search result displays, select the message in the filtered area and click on it

  10. We should be seeing the Async message details.

NOTE:- Using ReadyAPI Tool, we need to get the Async message Body details of the 'Transaction ID'[as per step 11] to further validations in the database.

I have followed the instructions from the below url and able to receive message body of random messages without any order. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSSimpleQueueService/latest/APIReference/API_ReceiveMessage.html

I wanted to receive the message body of the filtered TransactionID. How can this be achieved using ReadyAPI

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