I tried it with burpsuite on a website url but I'm not able to understand what should be the expected result of this? For ex-

  1. Enter the url - wwww.google.com on the burpsuite browser
  2. Now, once I click on 'forward', I get the raw information regarding the google.com page.
  3. Now, in the HOST field I am editing the link - to any random url - ex- test.test.com
  4. Click on 'Forward' button. (The page keeps loading)
  5. After a few clicks on forward, the page navigates to a random url and in burpsuite the host field value is displayed as - www.youtube.com.

This is completely random. I am unaware of how it is working and what should be the expected result. Whether the user should not be navigated to www.google.com page and simply an error message should be displayed OR it is supposed be navigated to a random page?

What is the correct expected output?

How HTML Injection - Reflected (Current URL) suppose to work?

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