I'm looking for approach/solution on how to scan a bar code using Appium. Is it possible through emulators? or do I need real device for this use case?

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Barcode scan using Appium :

  • This is one of the limitation of Automation I would say to automate scenarios with scanner or camera

  • Simply because it has some infrastructure & application related challenges

Possible work around [but not best practice] :

  • If performing tap on button [on mobile + from targeted app i.e. app which we are automating using appium] leads to open camera instead of redirecting user on diff application then we can think about some work around

  • We can automate barcode scanner if we have provision in targeted application to fetch barcode from gallery/mobile images instead of actual scan. This might be a relative close match

  • If we have only option to open inapp camera into targeted application, then we should give a rough try by keeping phone in such a way that when camera gets open and functional then barcode should have placed in front & in ideal position of scan

  • Go for those work around when you do not have any other option & this is blocking you

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