I've got testers starting to work with Selenium / Maven / Java / IntelliJ Idea. Does anyone know if a way I can generate a GUI report of a test's results after it has been complete? Only need to display the report in single test cases.

I need this report to be handed back to the developers for bug fixes and to be attached to tickets in project management tools.

Currently working on creating my own solution but was wondering if any knew of a plugin to do this, or assist with this.

Not sure why this was downvoted. Current progress is below

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There are plenty. For example, if integrating with Jenkins, there's the Selenium HTML Report which allows you to drill down in the summary as well.

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As per my experience in a professional automation testing services organization, I will suggest you to use one of the below tools as per your current configuration i.e. Selenium / Maven / Java / IntelliJ Idea -

  1. TestNG - It is an automation testing framework which provides
    default HTML reports.
  2. Extent Reports - This report besides a consolidated execution report, also provides a pie chart representation of your executed test cases, screen shots of failed test cases and test stepwise detailed logging. This will suit best to you as per your requirement of sharing a consolidated executed list of test cases to developers and attaching the results in project management tools.
  3. Allure reporting - This also works like Extent report. Please find Sample report in this link.
  4. You can convert your execution results into Excel or spreadsheet format as well by using Apache POI tool. It is a just a jar file or a plugin which you can add into your POM.xml

Note:- If you use Jenkins as CI tool, you can use plugins like - Selenium HTML report.

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