I'm building a selenium test using a POM, and I have a List of Webelements (companyNames in SelectAccountPage) that keeps throwing a UninitializedPropertyAccessException.

Here's the Page Object

class SelectAccountPage(driver: WebDriver) {

@FindBy(css = "header h2")
lateinit var selectAccountTitle: WebElement

@FindBy(css = "div[class*='company-picker'] h3")
lateinit var companyNames: List<WebElement>

init {
    PageFactory.initElements(driver, this)

fun pickCompany(companyToSelect: String) {
    for (company in companyNames) {
        if (company.text == companyToSelect) {

and the test

class SignInTest : TestBase() {

    lateinit var signInPage: SignInPage
    lateinit var forgotPasswordPage: ForgotPasswordPage
    lateinit var selectAccountPage: SelectAccountPage

    fun initPageObjects() {
        signInPage = SignInPage(driver)
        forgotPasswordPage = ForgotPasswordPage(driver)
        selectAccountPage = SelectAccountPage(driver)
        assert = SoftAssert()

   @Test(priority = 3)
    fun validCredentials() {
        signInPage.sendCredentials(Config.getUser(), Config.getPassword())

I'm not sure what's going on here because the Webelement on the same page is initialized just fine. Is there something specific that needs to be done when initializing Lists?


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