When I try to run my appium scripts on the pom file ( with mvn verify or mvn test)

I get a

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: jdk.proxy2.$Proxy12.proxyClassLookup()

On the line that instantiates my locators:

PageFactory.initElements(new AppiumFieldDecorator(driver, Duration.ofSeconds(15)), this);

When I run the test directly from InteliJ or run the testng.xml file, the test succeeds

What can be the problem, when everything is fine running from test class / testng.xml, but suddenly failing when running with maven in command line


it's a bit embarrassing, (because i remembered I did this before) After doing an mvn clean, and an mvn compile again,

Then the issue disappeared. something probably got stuck somewhere and needed a clean again..

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