I am completely new to writing TestMethod. I am trying to write a MSTest Test Method as below to check if the Service Layer returns valid GUID

        public async Task RegisterAsync_Works()
            var ranInfo = new RanInfo
                VendorId = 10,
                RanDetail = new List<RanDetail>()
                    new RanDetail{FieldId = 1,Value = "demo@abc.com"},
                    new RanDetail{FieldId = 2,Value = "aaa"},
            var registrationKey = Guid.Parse("42b184f0-7c8f-4755-80fc-1907cdb2c736");

            this.mockRegistrationService.Setup(r => r.RegisterAsync("user", ranInfo))
                .ReturnsAsync(registrationKey).Verifiable();  //<=== Statement #EXPECTED

            var result = await this.registrationController.RegisterAsync(ranInfo);

            var okObject = result as OkObjectResult;
            Assert.AreEqual(200, okObject.StatusCode);

And my Controller is

 public async Task<IActionResult> RegisterAsync(
               [FromBody, Required] RanInfo ranInfo)
                if (ranInfo == null) 
                    return this.BadRequest($"{nameof(ranInfo)} payload is required");

                var result = await this.ranService.RegisterAsync(  //<=== Statement #A (  result ALWAYS HAS EmptyGUID)
                if (result==null )
                return this.BadRequest("The registration failed due to invalid credentials");
                    return Ok(result);
            catch (Exception ex)
                return this.BadRequest(ex.Message);

Statement #A marked above ==> result ALWAYS HAS EmptyGUID though I set in Test Method (marked as <=== Statement #EXPECTED in above code) with valid Guid.

Why is the Statement #A never get assigned with the set Guid value.

Please help me.

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