I'm currently using Robot Framework for creating UI automation for our project. And I would like to know how to assign defined keyword as a variable value and how to run variable as keyword?

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    For me it's unclear what you are asking for. You want to know how you can store a value from a keyword which have [Return] statement or you are asking something else? Please update you question with more details.
    – chesthar
    May 4, 2021 at 19:20
  • You should share the code to we understand and perfaps help.... Jan 28, 2023 at 19:15

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Robot framework has for this prepared keyword Run Keyword, where you supply actual keyword to run as a parametr - stored in variable.


You can assign a defined keyword as a value of a variable in Robot Framework using the Set Variable keyword.

For example:

*** Variables ***
${KEYWORD_NAME} My Keyword

*** Keywords ***
My Keyword
Log To Console This is my keyword.

*** Test Cases ***
Test Keyword as Variable
Set Variable ${KEYWORD} Evaluate ${KEYWORD_NAME}
Run Keyword If '${KEYWORD}' == 'My Keyword' ${KEYWORD}

In the above example, the value of the KEYWORD_NAME variable is assigned to the KEYWORD variable using the Set Variable keyword. And then the Run Keyword If keyword is used to run the KEYWORD as a keyword, if it's equal to My Keyword.

You can also use the Evaluate keyword to run a variable as a keyword, as shown in the example.

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