I am getting an error on my screen while running appium throug Serenity bdd, though the element is visible and has correct locator as define in my script. I want to try clicking on just the button while the app is open and on the correct page. Problem is as soon as I start appium, the app shutsdown and has to go through the whole testcase to reach that button. Is there any way to not make the app shutdown and basically just have the app open on the right page and test the button without having to go through the entire script each time?

My serenity bdd properties file is as follows:

webdriver.driver = appium

appium.platformName = Android

appium.platformVersion = 10.0

#Replace deviceName and udid with your S6 Tablet's Serial Number
appium.deviceName = R52N20ALVDN
appium.udid = R52N20ALVDN

appium.hub =
#appium.url =

#appium.systemPort = 8205

appium.appPackage = CP.Android

appium.automationName = uiautomator2

#appium.appActivity = md5943e8bc44609f7ff612d6ac75f507b3d.ActivityLicenseBrowse
#appium.appActivity = md581ec75973e0b97f2dfd0a5656e9f1c4d.ActivityLicenseBrowse
appium.appActivity = crc6429e3927486beccbc.ActivityLicenseBrowse

#appium.app =  D:\\CP.Android_763.apk

#appium.dontStopAppOnReset = true

appium.resetKeyboard = true

appium.unicodeKeyboard = false

appium.browserName =
#The above capability is needed to run the test...

appium.newCommandTimeout = 5000


appium.skipDeviceInitialization = true

appium.skipServerInstallation = true

#Skips unlock during session creation
appium.skipUnlock = false   

appium.noSign = true

#appium.dontStopAppOnReset = true

appium.ignoreUnimportantViews = true

appium.disableAndroidWatchers = true

appium.disableWindowAnimation = true

serenity.project.name = CP Automation Report <br/> <h5> Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 <br/> <h5/>

#serenity.take.screenshots = DISABLED
serenity.take.screenshots = AFTER_EACH_STEP

serenity.console.headings = normal

#serenity.requirement.types = feature, story

step.creation.strategy = legacy

serenity.verbose.steps = true



serenity.reports.show.step.details = false

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