I have the following Robot Framework keyword, designed to get the full path of the "Downloads" directory in Windows:

Get Download Directory
    ${user_home_dir}=   Get Environment Variable    UserProfile
    ${download_dir}=    ${user_home_dir}\\Downloads
    [return]    ${download_dir}

This is being assigned to a variable:

${download_dir}                         Get Download Directory

However, it seems that the proper value is not being assigned. The following:

Log To Console                      "Download directory: " ${download_dir}

logs "Download directory: " Get Download Directory to the console. Why is this the case?

Note that the assignment to the ${download_dir} variable is being made in the *** Variables *** section.

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*** Test Cases ***
One Return Value
    ${ret} =    Return One Value    argument

Multiple Values
    ${a}    ${b}    ${c} =    Return Three Values
    @{list} =    Return Three Values
    ${scalar}    @{rest} =    Return Three Values

*** Keywords ***
Return One Value
    [Arguments]    ${arg}
    ${value}=    Set Variable    1
    [Return]    ${value}

Return Three Values
    [Return]    foo    bar    zap

you have to use set variable keyword to set a variable,

            ${download_dir}=    Set Variable    ${user_home_dir}\\Downloads
            [return]    ${download_dir}

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