I've got a field with a date in it that's identified by a code that's shown in the div previous to it.

<div class="fcode">
    <div class="fcode_n">(123)</div> 
    <div class="fcodeText">Date</div>
<div class="text">09.01.2020</div>

All the class names are generic and appear many times, but I can find the div class containing the code I'm after (123) by using

element = browser.find_element_by_xpath("//div[contains(text(),'151')]")

and can find the parent using

parent = element.find_element_by_xpath("..")

But I'm not stuck on how to find the date in the next element (which is what I'm after). The next element is , I suppose, the following sibling of the parent. There is a 'following_sibling' method like that gets you the sibling of something in your xpath, like this:


but that of course gets me the fcodeText element, not what I'm after - I blv. I need something in the form of


since I'm searching based on an element and not searching the whole document for the sibling following a given bit of text. I don't seem to find any docs on the use of ".." for finding a parent, but if I could it might have info on an analogous method for sibling instead of parent.


I think you can use parent:


There are multiple ways for locating elements that can be used to generate dynamic locators in any software testing services

Here is the locator which can find the date field by using parent hierarchy: //div[text()='(123)']/../following-sibling::div/div

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