I am a newbie in Automation testing. I have a list of 100 users in a excel spreadsheet:

User1: userid1/password1
User2: userid2/password2

... and so on.

I need to create a script and make all 100 user login into the same application , at the same time, simultaneously. Now, will 100 ChromeDriver Browser sessions open on my machine at once?

How can i do it using TestNG or say Cucumber Scenario.

Can i use HTMLUnit Driver or headless browser?

Please share some insights. Thanks in advance.

  • Welcome! What's your purpose for testing 100 users? Is it checking performance/load? Performance testing is considered a worse practice in Selenium. How does testing 100 differ from testing 1-5 users? Can you apply boundary values and equivalence partitions/classes to your test cases to limit the number?
    – Lee Jensen
    Jul 2 at 17:38

Your machine will most likely not be able to handle 100 chrome browsers at the same time. I would suggest saving your excel file in CSV format and using jmeter instead. A simple testplan like this should be sufficient.

  1. User defined variables = URL and server info
  2. CSV Data Set Config = point at your CSV file
  3. Thread Group = controls the number of threads
  4. HTTP Request sampler = login request
  5. JSR223 PostProcessor = used to write output results
  6. View Results Tree = for debugging your script

enter image description here

  • Thanks for providing this outline, but can you just give an example of JSR223 Post Processor script?
    – matt038
    Jul 3 at 17:52
  • can you give me some example on how to add url, server info in user defined variables?
    – matt038
    Jul 6 at 6:10
  • Hi, @Toastman, if i want to do some user action after login, without opening the browser instance, can that be done in jmeter? I am aware about the Webdriver sampler , but that will open 100 browser sessions on my machine.
    – matt038
    Jul 8 at 1:40
  • Hi Matt, please check out this link for jmeter basics: lobsterautomation.wordpress.com/2016/05/20/… (disclaimer --- this is my blog). Unless you have a specific requirement to use the webdriver sampler, I wouldn't bother using it.
    – ToastMan
    Jul 8 at 15:44
  • will go through the tutorial. Thanks!
    – matt038
    Jul 8 at 16:08

Selenium is designed to write Functional and Regression test. Your requirement is to do the Performance test. Go with JMeter as mentioned @ToastMan answer. on top of it you can refer this blog https://www.blazemeter.com/blog/jmeter-webdriver-sampler to use the Selenium webdriver with JMeter if you are looking for selenium like UI while perform action in browser.

  • Thanks for the answer.
    – matt038
    Jul 3 at 17:53

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