I'm testing API, using Rest assured, programming language is java. Is there any way to get the generated id from a response body and insert it into the endpoint?

I have the following endpoint {baseUrl}/api/product/{id}/deleteActivity

I want clean up after myself, every time when I create a new POST, its generating new id, I want to get that id put it in the endpoint, and delete the created product, so that I don't have to change the id every time manually.

response = when().request("Delete","{baseUrl}/api/product/{id}/deleteActivity");

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From RestAssured docs, you can do the following:

String json = post(URL_TO_CREATE_ENTITY).asString();
String id = from(json).get("generatedId"); // Or whatever is the name of the attribute with the ID

Then you can make a call with this value:

String urlToDelete = "{baseUrl}/api/product/" + id + "/deleteActivity"
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