I have multiple test suites running on jenkins, however there is only one which never completes. It gets interrupted but never shows why

The only thing I see in my console of the build is this:

04:13:24  [INFO] 
04:13:24  [INFO] --- maven-surefire-plugin:3.0.0-M3:test (default-test) @ web-testing ---
04:13:25  [INFO] 
04:13:25  [INFO] -------------------------------------------------------
04:13:25  [INFO]  T E S T S
04:13:25  [INFO] -------------------------------------------------------
04:13:27  [INFO] Running be.cyclis.afccls.tests.SingleExecutor
Cancelling nested steps due to timeout
07:08:59  Sending interrupt signal to process
07:09:06  [INFO] 
07:09:06  [INFO] Results:
07:09:06  [INFO] 
07:09:06  [INFO] Tests run: 0, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0
07:09:06  [INFO] 
07:09:06  [ERROR] There are test failures.
07:09:06  Please refer to /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/cloudway/Cyclis/Testing/Frontend/web-regression-my/web-testing/target/surefire-reports for the individual test results.
07:09:06  Please refer to dump files (if any exist) [date].dump, [date]-jvmRun[N].dump and [date].dumpstream.
07:09:06  The forked VM terminated without properly saying goodbye. VM crash or System.exit called?
07:09:06  Command was /bin/sh -c cd /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/cloudway/Cyclis/Testing/Frontend/web-regression-my/web-testing && /var/lib/jenkins/tools/hudson.model.JDK/openjdk-11/jdk-11.0.1/bin/java -javaagent:/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/cloudway/Cyclis/Testing/Frontend/web-regression-my/web-testing/target/aspectjweaver-1.9.4.jar -jar /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/cloudway/Cyclis/Testing/Frontend/web-regression-my/web-testing/target/surefire/surefirebooter8294930779628414084.jar /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/cloudway/Cyclis/Testing/Frontend/web-regression-my/web-testing/target/surefire 2021-08-05T04-12-54_683-jvmRun1 surefire18118204759621188971tmp surefire_016760517549866333773tmp
07:09:06  Error occurred in starting fork, check output in log
07:09:06  Process Exit Code: 143

So it just skips a couple hours and just dies. No information whatsoever. No visual representation if a test fails or not. It is just the system.

I am out of ideas. Locally everything runs fine without errors.

Can someone help me

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