I have a Loop controller and inside i have a http request and payload . PayloadBody Looks like below.


In the counter if i have 3 it should be 12346,12347 I need to increase value of a variable each time when iterates. i used the below JSR223 script as below

int counter=(vars.get('ContactId') as int) +1
vars.put('counter',counter as String)

it's taking next digit but same value in the counter it's not increasing as +1.

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The easiest solution is changing your 12345 part to __intSum() and __counter() functions combination, i.e. something like:


This way you will get an incremented number each time the request is sent

enter image description here

More information: How to Use a Counter in a JMeter Test

  • Thanks for the above solution. I'm trying with Aplhanumeric incremet like BA1234,BA1235 ..etc .inside a same loop. it's not accepting.I tried with the counter placing a reference variable. but no luck Commented Oct 18, 2021 at 12:12

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