I have requirement with increment value for each iteration and using loop controller. I tried with the _V function and __intSum(${myVar},${__counter(,)},)}. it's incrementing only for digit and not for AlphaNum . my paylody body like this.


I'm using like below.


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  1. Amend your body data as:

  2. Add JSR223 PreProcessor as a child of the request which payload you need to increment

  3. Put the following code into "Script" area:

    def numericPart = (vars.get('FirstName') =~ /(\d+)/)[0][1] as int
    def incremented = numericPart + 1
    vars.put('FirstName', vars.get('FirstName').replace(numericPart as String, incremented as String))
  4. That's it, each time the request will be called it will send an incremented value of the ${FirstName} JMeter Variable


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More information on Groovy scripting in JMeter: Apache Groovy - Why and How You Should Use It

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