Firstly thank you for helping me with the previous question regarding device farm vendors.

I have a meeting with AWS next week and I'm stuck in regards to what questions I need to ask them.

  • I know I want to find out if they perform testing with react native with detox as a testing model. That's essential.

  • I know in need to find out how many handsets they have.

  • What is their system in allocating time to perform testing?

  • I want to know if they will provide onboarding and training support if required?

After that, I'm pretty much drawing a blank.

So I would really appreciate if anyone can come up with questions I could ask AWS (or any other vendor for that matter), that is an important criteria in selecting a device farm vendor.

I appreciate you so much and thank you.

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More questions:

  1. Do you need one license for Android and an additional license for iOS ?
  2. Is there a pricing option that includes both ?
  3. What is the guaranteed turnaround time for support tickets ?
  4. Who to contact if a device is asleep, locked, turned off, etc ?
  5. What is the cost for dedicated mobile devices ?
  6. How long are test results stored in the cloud ?
  7. Is there an API that can be used to run tests ?
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