I have a Cucumber based Selenium framework written in Java. Now, for reporting i use some common plugins/libraries like Extent report. That is fine.

However, i want to create my own custom HTML report, where each test step inside a Cucumber scenario is logged with say Apache Log4j and corresponding screenshot is linked to the step.

Is there any dependency/lib that can be used to create own .html format reports after the test run completes?

Something like this....

Scenario 1
Test step  1        -------------- Screenshot link
Test step  2         ---------------screenshot link

Scenario 2
Test step  1        -------------- Screenshot link
Test step  2         ---------------screenshot link

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You can create a custom HTML file using the FileWriter class of Java.

I used the same to create a custom HTML test report for one of my projects.

In that projects, everything that I wanted in the report, I added it to an array with each step execution.

At the end of the test, I wrote all the data gathered within the array into the HTML file using FileWriter.

Here is a sample code:

File resultFile;
Writer fileWriter;
resultFile = new File(Results.html");
// if file doesn't exists, then create it...
if (!resultFile.exists()) {

fileWriter = new FileWriter(resultFile.getAbsoluteFile());

fileWriter.write("<html><title>Test result</title><body>");
fileWriter.write("Your text OR your Log4j entries OR <span>HTML with custom result</span> goes here...");
fileWriter.write("Can do more than one writes to single file.");
fileWriter.write("It appends data to file.");

and few reference links for the FileWriter class:




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