I have a set of variables which will populate from previous API calls. And variables are looks like, which will go up to 12.


I need to do the next API call if these variables are not null. So to check that, I have added one if controller for each request. But is there any way to simplify this approach.

This is what I have on my if condition.


enter image description here

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How about placing it under the Loop Controller with 12 iterations?

You will need to amend your condition a little bit to look like:

"${${__V(V_ProductCode_${__intSum(${__jm__Loop Controller__idx},1,)})}}"!=""


  • ${__jm__Loop Controller__idx} - pre-defined variable which returns Loop Controller's current iteration (starting from 0)
  • __intSum() - JMeter function used to increment the value of the current loop by 1
  • __V() - JMeter Function allowing evaluation of nested JMeter Functions and/or variables, see Here’s What to Do to Combine Multiple JMeter Variables article for more information

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