Currently I have a program that I'm tentatively done with and I'm comparing the output with the output of a process that is known to be correct.

This is a once a day process.

How many times should I call it good if the output of my program matches the process output?

A week? (5 correct outputs 1 per day)


A month? (20 correct outputs 1 per day)

I don't want any errors on this program as that would be pretty bad as this is an important process.

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    The answer could range from 3 times to 10,000 times depending on: need, use, variables, ernironment, knowns, unknown, data, everything. So this is not an answerable question on this site. Jan 11, 2022 at 10:54

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Phase 1 Run smoke tests, if bugs = 0; Run Tests of the most critical requirements Else fix bug AND Run smoke tests

Phase 2 Run Tests of the most critical requirements if bugs = 0; Run Full Regression Else fix bug AND Run most critical requirements

Phase 3 Run full regression if bugs = 0; Ready for homologation tests by the business area and THEN Release

if that dont is what you need, you should do performance tests with a load above average so you can see on a long shot how your software will behave on a stress

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