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I have installed Cucumber and Natural but my feature file is not getting highlighted after clicking ctrl + click.

Also, it has highlighted with yellow color

While running Test Runner, it says initialization error: Method 'initializationError' not found. Opening the test class.

How to fix this issue? I looked the solved answers related to same but still getting the same issue. I am not able to find setting under file? Please specify which file setting? Is it project level?

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  1. Install Cucumber Eclipse Plugin from Eclipse Marketplace;
  2. Once the plugin is installed, Create a feature file;
  3. Right Click on Project -> Configure -> Convert to Cucumber project;
  4. Now try Ctrl + Click on any step from feature file.

select all the feature lines & right click > open with > Editor. Then ctrl + click on the line

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    – Kate Paulk
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Faced this before & following solution works for me:

  • Install plugin "BDD Goto Step" from marketplace

  • After installation is might ask to restart the IDE. [If not its recommended to reflect changes]

  • Now if you press Ctrl & click on any step, it will take you to definition of particular step

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