Need help with instructions on instrumenting a legacy Android app for use with TestComplete.

Windows 10
TestComplete 15.20.341.7 x64
Connected device running Android 7.1.1 Android Studio 3.3.1

I'm able to run the app I'd like to develop automated tests for. SmartBear's pages says that the app should automatically be instrumented when run, but it doesn't look that way due to 2 factors:

  1. The Object Browser for the app is empty
  2. When I try to use Object Spy while the app is running, the Mobile Screen just appears as one, large, singular item. It can't pick up any individual elements like buttons and boxes of text

This version of TC no longer has the Instrument button in the TestedApps tab view, so I'm going with the page below to attempt to instrument the (legacy) Android app...

... for the Preparation Steps (beginning), step #1-1.. Open your Android project in Android Studio...

I've tried selecting the android app (APK) where it is on my computer, and the directory of the project suite for where TestComplete stores it. I'm not getting a directory by the name of "app\libs". Only "libs", and I certainly don't see the PatchServices.jar file there.


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