My client wants to simulate the Loadrunner scenario in Jmeter using the stepping thread group enter image description here

I have simulated the load in Jmeter with these parameters enter image description here

. It is pulling wrong results can i know how to simulate the load correctly . Thankyou .

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I don't think this is the best place for asking others to do your job for you


The best way of ensuring that your test is doing what it is supposed to be doing add Active Threads Over Time listener and compare its output with LoadRunner's charts for active VUsers.

Coming back to your question:

  1. In LoadRunner the ramp-up settings are more "smooth"

    enter image description here

    and in your setup you're releasing next 50 users "chunk" at once

  2. Once all users are started you need to hold the load for 1800 seconds and you have 150

  3. The last line of LoadRunner's scenario assumes stopping 1 user each 6 seconds and you're stopping all at once after 1500 seconds

Example implementation:

enter image description here

  • I think i got it according to the above scenario since there is no delay the wait time is zero then we are initializing 50 threads and each thread runs for 1 min so 50 thread runs in 60*5 = 300 sec and the ramp up period is also 300 seconds here i guess the duration is the ramp-up time , It is mentioned to hold the load for 30 min so 30*60 =1800 seconds . and it is finally mentioned to stop 1 thread every 6 seconds . imgur.com/ZH1uWHr Jul 4, 2022 at 10:24

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