trying to find a way to change roles/teams for the account executing a Dynamics CRM test suite. This is so that business functionality can be covered correctly eg we have Scheduler roles that do different things to a Field role (running tests as System Admin may mask issues). We are not using Easyrepro but I have checked their logic and don't see a solution there either... their scripts take a single username and password and run tests. My thoughts are that we need either:

a) multiple accounts and logins, with each account set to the required team/role (requires additional paid Dynamics licenses)

b) multiple test suites created to separate tests by team/role. Each suite is executed after manually changing the team/role of the single account that is executing the pack (laborious)

c) New script that logs in with Sys Admin account, changes the team/role of the test account -> then suite is executed for that role (unsure how this is achieved or whether practical).

Any thoughts please? Is there a better way of doing this? C) seems the cheapest solution, in terms of licensing but is throwing up some blockers. These being: company uses Single Sign On, so logging in with different accounts is not something I have been able to do. Also, using the UI to change roles and permissions in Dynamics seems a bit clunky. Thanks Dan


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