INFO o.a.j.e.StandardJMeterEngine: Running the test! INFO o.a.j.s.SampleEvent: List of sample_variables: [] INFO o.a.j.p.j.s.JavaSampler: Created class: org.apache.jmeter.protocol.java.test.JavaTest. Uses tearDownTest: INFO o.a.j.g.u.JMeterMenuBar: setRunning(true, local) INFO o.a.j.e.StandardJMeterEngine: Starting ThreadGroup: 1 : Thread Group INFO o.a.j.e.StandardJMeterEngine: Starting 1 threads for group Thread Group. INFO o.a.j.e.StandardJMeterEngine: Thread will continue on error INFO o.a.j.t.ThreadGroup: Starting thread group... number=1 threads=1 ramp-up=1 delayedStart=false INFO o.a.j.t.ThreadGroup: Started thread group number 1 INFO o.a.j.e.StandardJMeterEngine: All thread groups have been started INFO o.a.j.t.JMeterThread: Thread started: Thread Group 1-1 DEBUG o.a.j.c.IfController: >> evaluate Expression [$(RESULTS) == COMPLETED] equals (ignoring case) 'true' INFO o.a.j.t.JMeterThread: Thread is done: Thread Group 1-1 INFO o.a.j.t.JMeterThread: Thread finished: Thread Group 1-1 INFO o.a.j.e.StandardJMeterEngine: Notifying test listeners of end of test INFO o.a.j.g.u.JMeterMenuBar: setRunning(false, local)

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What "issues" you are "having"?

If you want the If Controller to execute its children when RESULTS JMeter Variable will be equal to COMPLETED you need to change it a little bit.

Your $(RESULTS) == COMPLETED condition doesn't make any sense, you need to change it to i.e. __jexl3() function:

${__jexl3("${RESULTS}" == "COMPLETED",)}


enter image description here

More information: 6 Tips for JMeter If Controller Usage

  • Thank you Dmitri For the solution it is working fine now, Actually I am new on Jmeter so its really helpful for me. Aug 9, 2022 at 7:23

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