I am wondering if multiple thread groups can be made non-active/sleeping at the same time.

I need multiple thread groups that run infinitely, with alternating intervals times of being all active and being all asleep/non-active. This is to simulate ongoing periods of high and low/no activity. It seems there are only controllers and 'think time' objects inside thread groups but not across thread groups.

My test plan is rather simple in structure.

  • Test plan (parallel execution of all thread groups)
    • thread group 1 - infinite
    • thread group 2 - infinite
  • Welcome to the community. I would suggest keep adding the solutions you have tried and observations/failures. So one can easily help you for specific failure. Happy Testing @Grillian! Aug 18, 2022 at 4:37

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You can consider adding i.e. Constant Throughput Timer which obeys JMeter Scoping Rules and has access to the number of active threads in all Thread Groups

enter image description here

You can set the "Target throughput" to read the value of a JMeter Property using __P() function and when you want to "sleep" - set the property value to 0 using either __setProperty() function or the Beanshell Server

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