I am attempting to find an element using this code:

new WebDriverWait(wdriver, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10)).Until(ExpectedConditions.ElementExists(By.Id("messageGrid_TL")));
                Console.Out.WriteLine("Grid: Loading element exists");
            catch (Exception)
                Console.Out.WriteLine("Grid: Loading element does not exist");

I tried all methods like ElementExists, PresenceOfAllElementsLocatedBy etc.,
but Standard Output is still "Grid: Loading element does not exist".
I tried to find the element by


enter image description here
enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Element is displayed on the page only for a few seconds.
Note: I don't call the loading panel from the app code, but DevExpress does it itself, when the grid is refreshed/loaded, it generates the loading panel.
Can you advise me how to find this element, please?


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Handling devExpress grids can be quite challenging, Have a look into Awaitility, it handles devexpress loading a lot better than just explicitly waiting, if you dont want to use awaitility you can also create a method to wait for the element to display and if the element displays wait for it to disappear, I can send a code snippet if you need.

  • Can you send a code snippet, please?
    – Majkl
    Commented May 18, 2023 at 6:57

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