I'm using SoapUI to test REST webservices and I'm stuck on an issue.

I have a json object, called coverages, which consists of one or more other objects, it looks something like this (example with 2 coverages):

"coverages" : [
   "CovNr" : 123,
   "CovDesc" : "My coverage" 
   "CovNr" : 456,
   "CovDesc" : "Another coverage"

The thing is, sometimes there is one coverage, and sometimes there are multiple. This means I need the coverages object to be variable, and have either one or more coverages as its body, depending on # of coverages.

Since the number of coverages isn't always the same I can't use properties for the CovNr and CovDesc attributes. Also I can't just always add like three and leave two empty if only one is used (can't have empty attributes).

I tried to set a coverages property using groovy script, which consisted of the entire body of the coverages object, but that didn't work (I'm guessing the editor can't parse an entire part of a request from a property).

Example of what I tried:

in groovy:

def coverages = "[   {   "CovNr" : 123,   "CovDesc" : "My coverage"    },   {   "CovNr" :456,   "CovDesc" : "Another coverage"   }]" 
testRunner.testCase.setPropertyValue("coverages", coverages)

in request body:

"coverages" : "$(#TestCase#coverages)",

This didn't work.

Is there another way to add a variable number of coverages to my request body?

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The issue you are having is that your parameter is a String instead of a json object.

In your groovy code: import groovy.json.JsonBuilder

def backToJson = new JsonBuilder(coverages).toPrettyString();
return backToJson

In your request body: grab the result of your groovy testStep like this:


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