I am looking for a buggy website to do functional testing with Selenium. The website needs to have some bugs in it. The wider the variety of tests I could do, the better. Could you suggest a buggy website, which I can test?

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  1. Frankly speaking, I tried, learnt & play with automation test scenarios with amazon.com as my playground.
  2. You can try a bug is fine but important for your learning is you try to automate interaction with multiple different web components. I found amazon is having enough components.
  3. If you need few more test websites, have a look here

@Narendra Chandratre answer is great, simply exercising the different interactions is a good way to go.

Amazon is a good real website, but if you wish for something more focused, The Internet is a good resource (you can run it locally or use this hosted instance).

It has a long list of situations that cover most of things you will see in a website:

enter image description here enter image description here

I have used it in my blog post showing some refactoring techniques for automation in testing.


here are a few websites or applications that you can practice functional testing with Selenium:

  1. www.google.com - It is a simple and widely used website, you can practice testing on various elements such as search bar, buttons, links, and others.
  2. www.amazon.com - You can practice testing on the shopping cart, product listing, user login, and payment page.
  3. www.flipkart.com - You can practice testing on the shopping cart, product listing, user login, and payment page.
  4. weather.com - You can practice testing on the weather forecasts, search functionality, and weather maps.
  5. www.facebook.com - You can practice testing on the login page, user profile, and post updates.

These websites are commonly used, widely recognized and have a variety of functionality to practice testing with Selenium.

There are also websites that are developed specifically for people to practice automation testing. Some of the most commonly used ones include:

  1. http://automationpractice.com/
  2. http://the-internet.herokuapp.com/
  3. http://demo.guru99.com/V4/
  4. http://newtours.demoaut.com/
  5. http://book.theautomatedtester.co.uk/

These websites offer various functionalities and different types of user interactions that can be automated, allowing users to practice their automation testing skills.

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