I am in college for Software QA. Teacher briefly introduced us to LoadNinja using their trial version which is expired now. I want to have some projects on my Github to show potential employers that I have some idea about performance testing and load testing. I did search through LoadNinja documentation but didn't find anything about how to upload projects to Github? Should I use LoadNinja or try find other tool which is free ? May be pick a tool from mentioned in this article https://www.softwaretestingmagazine.com/knowledge/free-web-load-testing-services/ ?

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As per documentation:

LoadNinja is a cloud-based load testing and performance testing platform for web applications and web services.

So I think your test scripts are being stored in the cloud, you won't be able to share the test scripts with the potential employers unless they have a LoadNinja account.

It's possible to use REST API to kick off the test, but in that case you will need to share your API key which is a big security hole.

I would recommend considering choosing another testing tool, there is a number of free and open source load testing tools which are even more popular and powerful like:

which store test scripts in forms of files on the file system and the files can be added under any version control system

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