I am trying to disable a sub-sample request embedded in jmeter parent request that follows a redirect of the main request.

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There are 2 boxes under the HTTP Request sampler:

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  • Redirect Automatically - will still redirect but you won't see sub-results

  • Follow Redirects - will redirect and you will see the results

  • both unticked - no redirects will happen at all, you will have to manage it manually, i.e. check Location header

If you want to amend the behaviour for all the HTTP Request samplers - take a look at HTTP Request Defaults which allows supplying default values for all the HTTP Request samplers in its scope


You can disable a sub-sample request by simply unchecking the "Enabled" checkbox located in the sub-sample request. If you don't need the sub-sample request at all, you can simply remove it from the test plan by selecting it and pressing the delete key.

In some cases, you may want to temporarily disable a sub-sample request for debugging purposes. To do this, you can add a "Interruptible Timer" to the sub-sample request. This will pause the execution of the sub-sample request for a specified amount of time. You can then re-enable the sub-sample request by removing the Interruptible Timer.

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