I want to examine a button that leads to downloading a file. the HTML contains:

<a class="calibre-push-button " href="/calibre/get/EPUB/123/calibre" role="button" title="Download this file" download="a.txt"><svg style="fill: currentColor; height: 2ex; width: 2ex; vertical-align: text-top"><use xlink:href="#icon-cloud-download"></use></svg><span>&nbsp;Download</span></a>

I want to write a python code to download the file (click on the button) and save it. I started working with Selenium, but hit the wall. This is what I've done:

from selenium import webdriver
gotit = driver.find_element_by_xpath("//a.calibre-push-button [contains(text(),'')]")

I want the gotit element to store the button optionally and allow gotit.click().

Any ideas?



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