I want to verify from this website: https://demo.nopcommerce.com/. There are 4 products shown with the Euro symbol by using for loop.


    List <WebElement> productcurrency = driver.findelEments(By.xpath(“span[text()=\”€\”]”));

system.out.println(“4”+ productcurrency.size());
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    Post your current code. What error are you getting / issue facing?
    – Prome
    Jan 17 at 10:21
  • List <WebElement> productcurrency =driver.findelEments(By.xpath(“span[text()=\”€\”]”)); system.out.println(“4”+ productcurrency.size());
    – Esraa Emad
    Jan 17 at 14:11
  • And what error are you getting?
    – Prome
    Jan 19 at 9:11

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I do not see any products in your application with euro(€) symbol. However I see there are 4 products with dollar($) symbol. Assuming this is what you want, try the below code:

List<WebElement> productcurrency  = driver.findElements(By.xpath("//span[contains(text(),'$')]"));
System.out.println("productcurrency  size is: " + productcurrency .size());

Console output:

productcurrency  size is: 4

XPath expression explanation:

//span[contains(text(),'$')] - This relative xpath expression will search the entire DOM for tag span which contains text $

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