I want to include one .jar file which has classes of my core automation framework. I created a "lib" folder in my selenium project and then gave its path in the pom.xml dependency. This Jar file of framework is not a runnable jar. I exported the framework project as a jar and want to use its classes in my project.

However, im not able to use any class/method from that jar(framework) in my test scripts. Am i doing something wrong.

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enter image description here

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Try changing this line in your pom.xml:




Do confirm is it works.

  • NO, this does not work. I cant use my classes from jar. Not sure what's the issue? :/
    – harry234
    Feb 3 at 7:34
  • Do i need to use something like Maven assembly plugin or else. I dont want to use classes directly in a package, i want to just use a .jar file.
    – harry234
    Feb 3 at 7:38
  • You mean for using classes from a Jar file included in the configure build path? Feb 3 at 7:43
  • Yes. Do i need to add the jar to the build path or only in pom.xml?
    – harry234
    Feb 3 at 7:46
  • I have added jar in the build path as well. Still project doesnt recognise the classes inside the jar file. Am i doing something wrong here?
    – harry234
    Feb 3 at 7:58

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