Currently we are within a Safe Scrum environment and have already automated much of manual testing. However, we would like to measure the effectiveness and coverage of test automation across teams.

To do this, we have been working on overview pages via Jira + Confluence + X-Ray.

However, we still have some problems to directly measure the result from the other teams, more than 40 teams in total (no kidding!) and to create a good overview from it.

Do you have any advice on what could be improved in such an environment?

Initial situation

  • Safe-Scrum environment with 40 teams and different projects.
  • We have all teams and its coverage covered via the respective Jenkins pipelines and here via X-Ray, Jira (Testcases + Cucumber).
  • However, measuring the true effectiveness of teams cannot really be standardized.


  • How can I unify the information from the different test teams within a Safe Scrum environment?
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    I'm in the same situation with more than 150 teams, so don't feel bad. How do you define effectiveness and coverage? Jira can provide some answer but it is very limited, coverage out of existing tests or out of requirements and effectiveness in "who caught the bug".
    – Rsf
    Commented Feb 9, 2023 at 11:17

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Start a community of practise, which is a standard practise of SaFE:

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are organized groups of people who have a common interest in a specific technical or business domain. They collaborate regularly to share information, improve their skills, and actively work on advancing the general knowledge of the domain.


Let the CoP experiment, and slowly figure out what can be standardized, and what should be, so that it values the people using it.

The CoP should be able to understand your companies context, take suggestions, design what should be uniform and feel the pain of their decisions

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