In question: Need code examples on how to use org.junit.platform.launcher.listeners problems have been resolved: Exit – program interruption Pause (true) – stops work before receiving Pause (false)

package examples

import org.junit.platform.engine.TestExecutionResult
import org.junit.platform.launcher.TestExecutionListener
import org.junit.platform.launcher.TestIdentifier
import kotlin.system.exitProcess

class CustomTestExecutionListener : TestExecutionListener {
private var shouldPause = false
private var shouldStop = false
private var shouldExit = false
private var shouldSkip = false
override fun executionStarted(testIdentifier: TestIdentifier) {
println("Launcher Started test:  ${testIdentifier.displayName} 
${testIdentifier.source} ")

if (shouldStop) {
    //is it possible to stop launcher and return ???
    // maybe to reset the test plan??
    // Maybe you can cancel Launcher.cancel(true) outside ?
override fun executionFinished(testIdentifier: TestIdentifier, 
testExecutionResult: TestExecutionResult) {
println("Launcher Finished test: ${testIdentifier.displayName}  
if (shouldPause) {
    println("Launcher Pausing for Resume")
        while(shouldPause) Thread.sleep(1_000L)
    println("Launcher  Resume")
if (shouldExit) {
    println("Launcher Exiting test execution")

 * @param shouldPause must be:
 * true - Pause
 * false - Resume - run
fun setShouldPause(shouldPause: Boolean) {
this.shouldPause = shouldPause
fun setShouldStop(shouldStop: Boolean) {
this.shouldStop = shouldStop
fun setShouldExit(shouldExit: Boolean) {
this.shouldExit = shouldExit
fun setShouldSkip(shouldSkip: Boolean) {
this.shouldSkip = shouldSkip

Remaining problems: Stop – do not stop the application, but finish the work Launcher return to his challenge - Is it possible to stop launcher and return??? - maybe to reset the test plan?? - Maybe you can cancel Launcher.cancel(true) outside? Optional: How to give a command Launcher – skip test? Thanks for the help


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