Nowadays a lot of software depends on external services and APIs. We can write automated tests such as acceptance and automated tests for internally built tools because we control the whole flow, some platforms (such as Salesforce) allow the creation of sandbox environments that could be used for testing purposes, but often smaller SaaS do not have such support.

How does one test integrations with such systems?

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Pact has recently released the bi-directional contract testing approach.

With consumer-driven contract testing, one will create a consumer contract and the producer will drive its development by using this contract.

The problem arises with 3rd parties dependencies, that won't design their API based on one's particular needs.

With bi-directional contract testing, one creates the consumer contract and Pactflow verifies if it matches the producer API specification, e.g. OpenAPI (previously known as Swagger) docs.

If the two specifications are compatible, the consumer's developer will know they can integrate with this particular API version.

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