Please provide me the step of checking the performance and website open in a mobile browser and get the OTP after adding the mobile number.

I want to know the configuration of the mobile with Jmeter and also how to test using mobile OTP for the performance testing

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Simulating mobile browser is not a big deal, it can be done by simply sending the relevant User-Agent header via HTTP Header Manager

When it comes to OTP, if it's received over email you can read it using Mail Reader Sampler. However in case of SMS it might be tricky, there are Java libraries like smppapi or SMSC SMPP simulator so theoretically you can intercept the message, but it would be much easier to ask your applicaiton developers to temporarily turn off the OTP mechanism or provide you a test OTPs you could use

  • I get your answer it's usefull to me but the OTP come at SMS when I enter the mobile number and then get that OTP. Can you please give me solution by using jmeter
    – Jay Pathak
    Commented Apr 17, 2023 at 7:07

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