I am not able to see the logging result, simply I want to see if response code assertion is working. I also dumped result in JSON but also not able to see assertion result

config: target: "abc" logging: console: true phases: - duration: 1 arrivalRate: 10


  • name: "API Load Test" flow:
    • post: url: "abc" json: email: "[email protected]" password: "Admin@123" name: "Login" hooks: afterResponse:
      • capture:
        • json: "$.statusCode" as: "statusCode"
      • | function assertStatusCode(requestParams, response, context, ee, next) { if (response.statusCode === 200) { console.log("Assertion passed: Status code is 200"); } else { console.log("Assertion failed: Status code is not 200"); } return next(); }


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