As Part of JMeter WEB DRIVER(Selenium Scripts) Integration With Azure Pipeline and how can I add Headless Browser in Azure Pipeline.

Someone suggested the link is https://www.blazemeter.com/blog/headless-browser-selenium-python but still I didn't get so can anyone suggest me the step by steps procedure on Azure Pipeline please?enter image description here

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Your approach seems to be correct, you just made a typo

It should be


and you have

jpgc -webdriver

Remove this whitespace and it should be successful.

Also be aware that according to JMeter Best Practices you should always be using the latest version of JMeter so consider upgrading to JMeter 5.5 (or whatever is the latest stable version available at JMeter Downloads page)

  • Thanks Drimiti for your help! Could you please help me how can I add Headless Browser in Azure Pipeline please and also it helps me if you can share the any youtuve video or step by step procedure.TIA! Commented Jun 13, 2023 at 8:19

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