A part of JMeter Integration with Azure Pipeline and after execution of test in Azure Pipeline got as File size (11956969445) is greater than possible Buffer: 2147483647 bytes.

Is it possible to us to control the log size sent to jmeter enter image description here

Could anyone please help me to resolve this issue.

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You can choose what to store in JMeter's .jtl result file by specifying the relevant properties responsible for the results file configuration

In order to reduce disk IO and file size you should be storing only those metrics which are absolutely required and use CSV format for the output.

The properties can be

  1. either put to user.properties file

  2. or to separate .properties file (you will need to make JMeter aware of this file via -q command-line argument

  3. or you can pass them via -J command-line argument like

    jmeter -Jjmeter.save.saveservice.output_format=csv -Jjmeter.save.saveservice.data_type=false etc. 

More information: Apache JMeter Properties Customization Guide

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